Soloprogramm - Ferdinand der Sänger

Ferdinand the singer has for many years wandered from town to town and country to country delightning his audience. At festivals of all sorts his songs are accompanied by his lively unamplified music - played on avariety of intruments from the lute to the Hurdy-gurdy.

He sings of love and wine,
Of joy and trysts clandestine,
Of kings and queens, thrones lost and won,
And highwayman from gallows hung.

Standard Songs - Epic Tales - Folk Songs

His contact with his audience is a significant part of his performance. It is not only as a musician that he will strike the right note for you but also as a Master of Ceremonies where his repertoire of jokes and tricks will keep the audience amused for the entire evening. If you wish a knave to be Knighted or special songs sung in someone´s praise he is well experienced in both

For larger functions he can bring with him the musicians and jugglers from Carmina Vaganti and Spectaculum Vaganti. (See seperate information)

Ferdinand the Singer is a musician and performer for all occasions and is free to travel anywhere.

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